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Nikki Jenkins

Health Coach, BS Dietetics MSU

The Natural, Foolproof Method to Relieve Constipation in Your Kids (or You!)

Here it is! The foolproof method to relieve constipation in your children.

Constipation is an all too common issue among children and adults. Unfortunately, the solution is often laxatives, increase fluids, increase fiber, or sit there longer. However, none of these actually work, and can actually make the problem worse or lead to long-term digestive problems.

What I’m about to explain might seem a bit out there to most, but trust me it works. It works every single time. The key is consistency and not cheating the system.

  1. Eliminate fiber completely. Yup, get rid of it. Fiber is very irritating to our guts and will only back you or your child up more. But wait doesn’t fiber add bulk? Exactly. Why would you want that? Isn’t the point to go easier? Larger poop isn’t going to help that. Zero fiber please.
  2. Get rid of sugar. All forms of sugar. No prune juice, no prunes, no fruit juice at all. Stop giving your kids juice forever. Sugar will destroy the good bacteria in your gut because it allows the bad bacteria to grow. No sugar and avoid starches.
  3. Drink bone broth or water only. Bone broth has a lot of magnesium, which helps with regularity. Bone broth also has l-glutamine, which is very healing to the intestinal tract. I suggest making your own, but there are also some good brands on the market. You can find the brands I suggest on my Amazon picks. If you want, you can also supplement with magnesium glycinate or magnesium lotion. These are also linked.
  4. Eat only fatty meat. The rendered fat from the meat will really get things going. Castor oil is a known laxative. Same thing here. The fat will increase intestinal movement. Think bacon drippings and adding back the fat from ground beef and chuck roast. Pork belly is another great high fat meat. You definitely don’t want to eat lean right now. You want a much higher fat to protein ratio at each meal.
  5. Avoid butter, cheese, and all forms of dairy. Dairy is often the cause of constipation.

Do these 5 things only, and stick with it until your child finally goes. For Sophia, this always works the day of. However, she has no problem eating spoonfuls of bacon fat for a snack. She loves it, and that definitely moves things along QUICK.

I really believe this works not only because fat stimulates intestinal movement, but also because this method allows your digestive system to rest and work more efficiently. Eating meat also helps your child to avoid any food sensitivities that could be causing the problem. Most of the time, it is food intolerance or too much sugar causing the constipation. The most likely to be constipating is dairy, followed by grains. Nuts and seeds can also be constipating.

Hopefully, this is helpful. If constipation is not relieved the first day, then continue into the next day and so on. Severe constipation could take a couple days to subside. No laxatives or supplements should be needed. The only supplements I would say are okay would be magnesium or cod liver oil.

For those of you saying, well my child doesn’t really like meat, or they don’t eat much meat, now is the time to change that. Help them learn to like meat. If they are hungry, they will eat. Most kids prefer chicken. Try chicken wings. I have Sophia dip her chicken wings in the rendered chicken fat. Bacon is also a favorite. Lightly cook the bacon to keep it fatty and don’t blot it dry. There are so many different types of meat and cuts of meat. Your child is bound to choose one. It doesn’t matter if that’s the only type of meat they eat all day long. This is just at least until they finally go.

I would also avoid condiments and spices. The only way I would season meat is with a Himalayan pink salt or Redmond real salt. I would even avoid black pepper. Black pepper is a seed and more likely to not be tolerated.  High FODMAP spices like garlic and onion powder can also worsen the constipation as they commonly cause bloating. Plain is best if you really want results quickly.

If followed strict, this method is entirely foolproof. When your child has finally went, it’s time to look into why they were constipated in the first place. Is your child eating a lot of sugar? Has your child ever been on antibiotics? Do they have a food allergy or sensitivity? You must eliminate the suspected cause or causes, and then reintroduce later when they are regular again.

I will be writing more on how to identify food allergies and sensitivities. There is also a sensitivity test under my Amazon picks that can be helpful. Hope this was helpful, and good luck!

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