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Nikki Jenkins

Health Coach, BS Dietetics MSU

Get Over Your Cold Faster or Prevent it Altogether

It’s that time of the year again. The weather changes, which means colds all around. Here’s what you can do to get over your cold faster, and how to prevent catching a cold in the first place.

  1. Remove all sugar. I will probably sound like a broken record with this, but that’s because sugar is just that bad. There is nothing good about sugar, whether it’s natural or refined. Sugar is known to lower your immune system for hours after ingesting. Ever notice how you get sick after going out for cocktails or indulging a party? If there’s ever a time you will get sick, it’s after a glucose spike. Get rid of all the sugar at the first sign of a cold. This includes starchy vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits (lemon is fine), juices, desserts, candy, and sweeteners including honey.
  2. Eat meat. Shocker! I sound like a broken record again, but everyone should be eating meat. Meat is high in usable protein to support a healthy immune system. Beef and pork are excellent sources of zinc, which encourages the production of white blood cells. Meat also has immune boosting vitamin A1 and D3. Plants do not carry these forms. Omega 3 fatty acids in meat, particularly pasture raised, help lower inflammation. Eat more fish for an added omega 3 boost.
  3. Avoid dairy in all forms. I would even avoid ghee. Even though ghee has the milk protein removed, it is not entirely removed, and I have seen it stall progress. Dairy is the most common food sensitivity and it is mucus forming. No dairy.
  4. Avoid known food intolerances. If you continue to eat a food you react to, your immune system is going to keep taking a hit. If a cold hangs around for weeks, it’s probably because you are ingesting something your body doesn’t like. If you are not aware of your sensitivities, I would stick to meat only. This is an easy way to recover as quickly as possible. I would also avoid eggs, another common intolerance.
  5. Try fasting. If you are someone who eats a high carb diet and struggles with hypoglycemia or are diabetic, I would not jump into this. Focus on protein. But, if you are healthy enough to do so, try fasting. Naturally, when we are sick our appetites tend to be low. This is so our bodies can prioritize healing. Fast for as long as what feels comfortable. Drink broth, mineral water, hot lemon water, or black coffee during your fast. If doing a fast with water only, try adding salt to your water for electrolyte balance.
  6. Use supplements for an added boost. My favorite supplement is SBI powder. Add it to your meal, water, coffee, or broth. SBI powder is immunoglobulin from beef. It helps to reduce intestinal inflammation and heal the gut lining. Your immune system is largely in your gut, so it only makes sense to start the healing there. Probiotics can be helpful, but I have noticed better results with the SBI powder. I swear by it when I catch a cold. Other favorites are Sovereign Silver (colloidal silver) and vitamin D3. Colloidal silver is known to bind to viruses and remove them from the body. Start at the first sign of a cold and try not to miss doses. You can find these supplements under shop with me.
  7. Eat organ meat. Take this in supplement form, or eat liver. Liver is a concentrated form of usable vitamin A, which is critical to cold prevention and recovery. Liver is also a good source of vitamin C in its raw form. I have the best results eating raw liver or at least cooked rare. Fully cooked liver is fine though.
  8. Rest. We’ve heard this one before, but it is so important to rest. Nap, sleep in, meditate, stretch, get a massage, laugh, whatever you need to do to relax. All forms of stress are huge contributors to illness. Try to relax your mind and body as much as you can when you feel a cold coming on.

Sophia is coming down with a cold over here, so of course we are following each of these steps to get her better in no time. Follow these 8 steps to the T, and you will be better before you know it. Start at the very first sign of a cold, and you may avoid being sick altogether!

As always, there is so much more to come here! Hope this post is helpful for you and your kiddos. Stay healthy this winter!

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